Hi Friends,

Those of you who follow me know that I have a new Boston Terrier puppy named Cappuccino, Cappy for short. Cappy joins my other dog, Mocha, a 13 year old Frenchton (Boston Terrier/French bulldog mix). In the 5 weeks that Cappy has been here, I’ve had to readjust my priorities and schedule and invest my time instead in training and nurturing both the new puppy and the older dog. My emotions run the gamut of patience to crankiness; giddiness to exasperation. As a yogi, I have to concentrate to see clarity in the lessons this puppy is teaching me. This week, the puppy is teaching me about being in the moment.

Finding time to be in the moment can be challenging. I know I struggle with the “monkey mind” when I let my thoughts start to overwhelm me, thinking about what happened before and what might happen later. I empathize with my yoga and meditation students when they find it challenging to take those few moments before and after class as well. But this puppy has no problem with being in the moment. Everything is new and exciting, bright and shiny. Walks? Yay! New chew toy? Yay! Stealing Mocha’s toy? Yay! Jumping on Mocha when she is trying to sleep? Yay!This crazy lady who wants me to do my business outside? Yay! (if a treat is involved).

Right now, Cappy is in his crate having some rest and quiet time and I have some time to take care of business. I am so appreciative of this time, and I stop every ten minutes or so to affirm my gratitude in having this quiet time for me. After a morning of walking, training, and games, I think Cappy is enjoying his quiet time too. I know poor Mocha is.

If I could read Cappy’s thoughts right now I hope they would be:

I am grateful (for being adopted)

I am happy

I am cared for

The same thoughts I have right now.

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