Back to school? Don’t forget to take yoga with you! Yoga is so beneficial for your everyday life, but read how it can also help you in school!

This week many people are getting ready to go back to school. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a caregiver for school age children, don’t forget to bring yoga with you. Here are some benefits:

Yoga can relax your mind as well as your body. Simply taking deep breaths when you are nervous or stressed will help to lower your blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Yoga can stretch the body. Taking the time to do some simple yoga stretches will help you feel renewed and refreshed. This is especially important if you are crammed into a desk for hours expected to think, create, and produce. You will find yoga will actually help with your work output.

Yoga aids your spirit. It brings you to a place of peace, which in turn, you bring to your dealings with others around you. What goes around will definitely come around in a good way!

My motto is: Calm the mind, stretch the body and invigorate the spirit. Try yoga!

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This post was originally published in Yoga Wisdom-Reflections of a Practicing Yogi, soon to be an audiobook!