The Yoga and a New Puppy

Hello friends! Today I want to share the news that we have a brand new puppy! Here is the story. I had been casually looking on and off for a few years for a puppy friend for our 13 year old dog, especially since I wanted a dog that would be the same size, and possibly the same breed as our current dog. Our first dog is a Boston/Frenchie mix which right now is very popular. Any rescue pups that I found were snatched up even before their pictures were posted. So after a series of disappointments, we resigned ourselves to having just the one, very precious, dog. Occasionally I would set out the intention to find the right dog at the right time because as a teacher, summer is the best time for me to devote all my attention to training.

And then, out of the blue last week, we were at a gas station with our dog in the car, when a lady pulled up beside us and started sharing her story and pics of her dogs. And it just so happened she was fostering two male Bostons who were returned. And, as we got to talking, come to find out she had a connection to my family and including my late brother and dad. So a date was set for a meet and great with dog #1, and we selected one of the puppies.

So back to being new puppy parents. Thankfully I saved Dog #1’s puppy training manual. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night. Potty training is progressing, though not so fun in all the rain we had. He knows his name, and how to sit. Right now he is snoozing in my lap.

It has been an adjustment to our family life. Dog #1 has been the one and only for 13 years and has our schedule down. She has been pretty tolerant of the puppy antics so far and we have taken care to give her alone time with special walks and rides. The puppy is a work in progress and just happily goes throughout his day with all his needs being anticipated and met.

As I gaze down upon this sleeping puppy, I marvel at this bundle of energy and joy. I notice how he is learning about his environment and his reaction to wet grass, singing birds, crawling insects, and flower petals. I am ecstatic when he does his business in the designated outside space and responds to a simple command.

I am also learning that I have to adapt my daily agenda and slow down. That I have to put this puppy’s needs first, while being aware of dog #1’s need for extra attention and love. I have to make decisions based on my responsibility to this new living being. I am using my vocation as a teacher in a different way but one that gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  know I will be using meditations and calming breaths in a more purposeful way as well.

This might be one those “Uninspired but willing” offerings that George Kao ( speaks of, not that I was uninspired when I sat down to write and record this, but to get my thoughts out there without judgement, even if they are not perfect, because now I have to do it when puppy is asleep.

This is Yoga Anita. Love, peace, and puppies.

Listen to the audio here