Spring Ahead with Yoga and Meditation

Hello friends, this is Yoga Anita and I am excited because it is spring! We’ve changed the clocks and now have more daylight. The birds are abundant, the snow is almost melted, and crocus are popping up.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, the renewal of old intentions and the birth of new hopes and dreams. With the setting of new intentions, sometimes we get stuck and want to retreat back to the comfortable or the devil you know. Holding on too tightly to established routines, and the things that no longer serve you will only stunt your growth in the end. I am a cancer and of all the astrological signs, moving is very painful for me, but as a crab, there comes a time when I outgrow my shell and need to move on. Perhaps you feel this as well.

Severing old and toxic relationships are not easy. Having the talk, first with yourself and then with the person or people involved is not easy either. But in order to grow it has to be done or else you will not be on your true path to self realization.

No more excuses. Find your courage, speak your truth, and gather your support system. I am right here with you. Let’s journey together and truly blossom this spring time.

This is Yoga Anita and until next time, peace and love. Namaste.

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