Going on vacation? Don’t forget to pack some yoga and meditation!

Toothbrush? Yes. Swim suit? Yes. Pajamas? Maybe. Yoga? Of course! Packing for your vacation does not have to weigh you down and neither should your workout. Consider adding a select group of yoga poses to your daily routine. Here’s how!

  • Start with visualization

Vacations are meant to be relaxing but perhaps you are combining it with a family event which could be anything but! Before you even start your trip, set an intention to find peace and renewal away from your daily routine. Visualize a happy, content, and smiling you. Couple that with your intention ( i.e. I will take pleasure in..) as you take deep breaths.

  • Master Mountain Pose

2 hour delays during check-in? You won’t be bothered in Mountain Pose. Stand tall, feet about hip width apart. Roll your shoulders up, around, and down. Let you hands fall loosely by your sides as you fully inhale and exhale. This is a pose of strength, which you will need lugging your carry on baggage through security.

  • Seated Twists

Sitting during long plane or car rides won’t bother you if you get up and stretch at regular intervals. Every twenty minutes or so, add a seated twist as well. Start by sitting up tall in your seat, feet flat on the floor. Inhale as you lengthen the spine, exhale as you turn your torso to the right. If you have room, stretch your arms overhead and let them fall to the right as well. Staying on the right side, inhale and use your exhalations to go even deeper into your twist. Your head can be eye level, or looking down if you need to stretch your neck. Repeat on the other side.

  • Drink water

Staying hydrated is important anyway, but especially as you might be changing time zones, or consuming items not in your usual daily diet. Visualize the water refreshing and cleansing your body with each sip.

  • Start and End your day with 5 minutes of your favorite poses.

Your morning routine could consist of a few rounds of sun salutation, or a brisk mindful walk in your vacation environment. Literally stop to smell the roses, walk barefoot through grass or sand, or anything else you do not take the time to do at home. Take mental snapshots and add captions such as “Feeling the morning dew on my toes”, “Frolicking in the waves”, “Enjoying the sunset”.

  • Say No!

Remember this is your vacation! Yes, you might have to do some compromising with your partner or family if you are not traveling alone, but be sure to set aside time to do the things you enjoy. In yoga this is called ahimsa, or speaking the truth.

Keep the vacation going by incorporating yoga into your daily life. A few minutes a day is all it takes!

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