Have you heard this old joke?

Q. If April Showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

A. Pilgrims!

In my yoga practice, April, rather than January, seems to be the month of yoga pilgrims. Perhaps it is because I live in the cold Northeast, and winter seems to make everyone but the hardy hibernate but April is my highest month of new students, many of whom are trying yoga for the first time. These new students, like pilgrims, are seekers. Some are seeking the physical benefits: flexibility, relief from pain, or a low impact workout. Others are seeking the spiritual: calm, peace, tranquility, or enlightenment. Some are looking to follow the latest fad (yes, yoga is now mainstream), some think they’ll meet a hot guy (or girl) in class. Here’s what you can expect should you decide to start a yoga practice:

  • Overall health and vitality in a non- competitive atmosphere, that doesn’t care what you look like, where you come from, or how fit you are or aren’t
  • A healthful practice that should never, ever, hurt you
  • Better sleep, better sex, better digestion
  • Increased sense of confidence and self control
  • A glowing outer and inner you

If this sounds good to you, contact your nearest, certified yoga instructor and  make that pilgrimage to yoga today. Your body, your mind, your friends and family will thank you!

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