Its almost March and I have a question for you: Have you already ripped up all those goals you set for yourself in January? Has your motivation got up, left and slammed the door on its way out? Have you lost that loving feeling with yourself?

Don’t give up yet, rather go back and revisit those goals. Maybe they were not realistic to begin with. For instance if you had a goal to lose 20 pounds last month-that is a definite unrealistic goal. If you had a goal to get up at 5am for an hour long workout before work, that again is probably not a long term realistic goal. If you wrote down or dreamed about getting a big payout, or a raise or promotion, that still might cause you to give up when you don’t see it happening as fast as you’d like or if you were passed over for another candidate. Here are some suggestions to get that motivation back.

  1. Edit and revise. Set a priority. Break that down into manageable steps.
  2. Add accountability by putting a reminder in your calendar or meeting a friend
  3. Give yourself a schedule with days off. Unless you are competing at an Olympic level, you probably don’t need to do a heavy hour long work out more than 3 times a week. You could break up your workouts into small increments-15 minutes here, half hour there. Checkout my book Yogaminute if you have even less time than that!
  4. Find motivation through other’s achievements. I do that by watching the Olympics or reading stories
  5. Recall and celebrate your achievements. Look at your progress so far.
  6. Call or text a friend
  7. Remove distractions (i.e shut off your phone)
  8. When meditating, tell yourself to let go of any negative thoughts and only invite in positive ones
  9. Follow the yoga yamas of ahimsa (non judgement) and satya (truthfulness) with yourself
  10. Set an intention every morning and have gratitude every evening


Listen to the podcast! Thanks for sharing.