Spring Ahead Part Two 


It’s great to set intentions, that is a feat unto itself. It is another thing to follow through with those intentions. Here are some tips for you that might help.

1. Be specific Make sure your intention is specific and doable. For instance losing weight is not specific, but losing 5 pounds a month is very specific.

2. Write it down Writing down your intention is key. I use small sticky notes so I can give myself reminders no matter where I am.

3. Make a plan Use an app on your phone or an old fashioned calendar to write down what you are going to do daily. Make sure to give yourself a day off too!

4. Surround yourself with winners Listen to a podcast, read or watch an inspiring story, or join a group of like minded individuals to give you the support you need.

5. Give it your best shot Set a reasonable timeline to reach your goal. Give it your best shot. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish if you give yourself the chance.


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