Those of you who follow me know that I recently got a new puppy. In response to some of your questions:

  • he does sleep through the night;
  • he is crate trained;
  • he does know his name;
  • my older dog does tolerate him and has been helpful in teaching     commands
  • he knows sit, stay, wait, drop it, take it (most of the time)
  • potty training is going well, despite the torrential rain storms;
  • he is walking better on the leash and loves to chew (on toys as well as clothes and furniture!)

Managing the puppy requires scheduling, help, and lots of patience.

Which is what I am writing about today.

At present, all meetings, activities, housework, outings, phone calls, blog posts and recordings are dictated by the puppy’s schedule. His needs come first (second is my older dog, Mocha, and 3rd or 4th is my husband and myself) and this requires some adjustments, patience, unselfish attention, and a great deal of calm.

So I thought I would share a short meditation with you that has helped me these past weeks.

Usually we start our meditation in a quiet space, sitting down, with eyes closed but sometimes I do not have that luxury and I will assume the same might be for you. So we will start our meditation just by moving the breath mindfully, letting it travel the full length of the body as you continue your daily activity. Personally I do this while walking the dogs.

Think about something you want.

Set out this intention-inhale as you say: “The universe will answer when the time is right.” Repeat 3 times.

Visualize what you want.

Repeat your intention: “The universe will answer when the time is right.”

Take a cleansing breath and you are done.

Try to repeat this a few times throughout your day, but especially when something is preventing you from doing what you want.


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