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Can we talk? Some of you are old enough to remember that was how Joan Rivers would start her comedy routine. If you don’t know who I am talking about google her, then catch the series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-anyway, does anyone talk anymore?

I remember that every Sunday night, I would get a phone call from my mother. It had to be a weekend or Sunday night- because that’s when the long distance rates were the cheapest. She would talk about people I didn’t know or what was happening in her town or at her church. Throw in a little gossip about one of my brothers or sister, then hang up and call my other four brothers and sister, who probably got the same story and gossip about me. I’m sad to admit that I didn’t always want to answer the phone, especially in the later years when I would hear the same story over and over again-sometimes in the same conversation, but what I wouldn’t give to hear her talk again.

When we were all on lockdown during the Covid crisis, we had to learn to Zoom and Google Meet for our jobs, and many people also extended that to family get togethers and online parties. At first it was exciting to see people we were barred from seeing, and we were giddy at what we could do virtually. But after a while, even that faded into a “Do I have to?” and most of us were more excited to get back to normal (even masked) conversations.

When my dad passed away last spring, and my remaining brothers and sister gathered for the aftermath, I told myself I would be better at staying in touch. Because my sister lives fairly close, we have monthly Saturday morning breakfasts. It’s fun trying out all the diners in our area and we get to catch up. For my brothers though, because of long distance and life, I can only text them and catch up electronically. It’s OK, but not the same. Some day I will be wishing I did better.

So here’s my challenge for you this week: reach out and talk to someone. Anyone. Let’s start having human conversations again. And if you have to use social media less negativity-more positivity.

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