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Got a minute? You can do yoga! Now even the busiest person can learn how to do yoga anywhere and anytime. Learn to relax, de-stress, and re-focus whether you are at work, with the kids, or dealing with stressful situations. This easy to follow guide is for you! Learn more
Develops a strong and flexible body Increases balance, body awareness, and coordination Improves digestion, circulation, and elimination
Calms and clears the mind Relieves tension and stress Promotes thinking and memory Reduces stress and anxiety
Builds confidence and self-esteem Develops discipline and self-control Encourages social awareness and responsibility Inspires respect for self and others
Yoga is not a religion, yet it contains universal truths that can be applied to any belief or non-belief system. You do not have to be a vegetarian or super flexible or chant "ommmm" for hours on end. Instead yoga is for everyone. We will start with gentle poses, concentrating on breathing. It is not necessary to do every pose. Nothing in yoga should ever hurt. I will offer you modifications throughout but in the end, you are your best teacher. I also offer individual sessions tailored to your specific needs.

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