A blank page. A blinking cursor. A blank page has many meanings.

When I started the Yoga Anita website eleven years ago, I remember being absolutely giddy over all I wanted to say, so much, in fact, that I published a blog post weekly. I was brimming with thoughts and ideas that I couldn’t wait to share. I challenged myself to learn all the back end tasks of a webmaster, spending hours researching html codes, helpful word press plugins, marketing strategies, and blog post ideas. I tried to keep up with the latest trends and the relevant headlines and there seemed to be no end to what I could write about. I wrote and published two books, started an online video series, and though my web output was no longer weekly; it was at least bi-weekly, with additional emails to my followers.

Then, social marketing trends turned to less prose, more graphics which sounds like it should have been easier, but still required hours of curating just the right (and legal) graphic coupled with an inspiring quote. With helpful programs like Mail Chimp, Canva and post scheduling, social media became more streamlined and a daily graphic became weekly, then became monthly, then became occasionally.

Enter the trend of Instagram influencers, modeling unattainable poses in exotic locations, and words seemed superfluous. So instead of writing I plunged into audio. I switched to podcasts, audio books, and a radio show, and the call of daily/weekly/monthly writing became less and less.

The blank page taunted me. What should I write about? Should I even bother? Is it relevant? Am I relevant? Will people read it? Will people like it? Will I get uplifting or nasty comments? What is this blank page saying to me? What is the lesson?

Being a yogi, I see this blank page as a sign that says make time for some self care and self-reflection. Meditate, and ask that the answer be shown to me.  Continue to uplift others and teach by example. 

A blank page. A blinking cursor. A blank page has many meanings.

What is your blank page saying to you?