Yogaminute - Book Trailer from Evan T Perry on Vimeo.


Second Edition! Do you know someone who is stressed? Or needs to relax? Overwhelmed with errands, kids, or taking care of others? Busy people of all ages need yoga! But squeezing in time might not work for your schedule. What to do?

Introducing Yogaminute- got a minute, you can do yoga! This easy to follow guide is for anyone who needs to incorporate yoga into their daily lives, one minute at a time. Simple instruction, pictures of real people, and lots of ideas make this book the one to get!

Sometimes all you’ve got is a minute and you can find benefit in yoga. I am a therapist for children in crisis and have extracted many useful yoga breathing/stretching/destressing techniques to pass along to clients. Well worth the investment. K.J. Roy

There are some days when, you have not one minute for yourself, and your stress levels are through the roof. That’s me almost every day, but I have found this great book. Yogaminute, this book is excellent and teaches you Yoga, and it can be done anytime and anyplace. N. Reyes

This is a great book to help you fit the benefits of yoga into your day-to-day life. If you're a beginner or a complete newbie to yoga, this book will help you learn the basics to get you started with as a little as one minute a day! M. Link

Because it is organized by which physical areas it targets, it would also be a great reference for those who are already familiar with yoga and use it for specific purposes, for instance, to relieve back pain. S. Urrea