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Yoga Helps Replace That 4 Letter Word

Intriguing title, why did you click it? And what four letter word I am talking about?

The four letter word is FEAR.

FEAR keeps us from achieving our goals. FEAR paralyzes us and keeps us up at night. FEAR keeps us stuck in unhealthy jobs and relationships. FEAR leads us to hibernate and wallow, perpetuating even more FEAR, resentment, anger.

What can you do about it?

Replace FEAR with YOGA. Yoga helps to calm your mind. Yoga will help to keep you centered. Yoga will help you realize your self worth. Yoga will help you to set an intention. Yoga will help to get you un-stuck and take positive action. When you learn to tap into your inner wisdom through yoga, you will be able to see a whole myriad of possibilities.

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