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Yoga Guide for 2018

Start 2018 off right!

In the next week or two, we will be bombarded with New Year's advice on health, diet, exercise, relationships, and career. At the end of a calorie laden, sugar intensive, holiday season, this seems like a good idea. Start fresh, start anew, improve your life! Yet, for many all these good resolutions disappear by February and become a very distant memory by summer until before you know it, it is New Year's again. Ever notice that the same resolutions show up year after year?

In 2018, let yoga be your guide. Most people know about the asana, or exercise part of yoga, but few think about yoga as a way to change your inner thinking. Setting intentions are part of your yoga practice. Setting intentions is a simple declaration of what you need in the moment. For instance, most people will set a goal to lose x number of pounds. In yoga you would set an intention to eat healthy and what your body needs for the day. Instead of hour long, grueling workouts, your intention might also include moving your body to bring oxygen and blood flow. If your career is at a standstill, your intention could be "getting unstuck" and to be open to new experiences.

How do you set an intention? It doesn't matter where or when, but do stop, be quiet, and take a deep breath. As you inhale say to yourself, "I am" or "I need", and exhale with your one word positive intention. For instance in the middle of my busy day I might say "I am" as I inhale and "calm" as I exhale and I repeat it as many times as I need to.

Once you set an intention, your subconscious will direct you to fulfill it. Your job is to listen. Things will happen, sometimes not what you expect, but they will happen. Tune out those other little voices in your head that says you can't, or it's too hard, or that it will never happen, and listen to your inner wisdom.

It only takes a few moments in the many moments of your day, to let yoga in and transform your life. Start in 2018 and you will experience the difference that yoga can make not only in your body, but also in your mind and spirit.