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Yoga for Couples

Maura and Jeff practice together

Maura and Jeff practice together




Love to do yoga? How about sharing it with your spouse or your significant other? We all know how beneficial yoga can be for your body, your mind, and your spirit-now, think of that times two! Here are some ideas to get you motivated to try yoga as a duo!


1.Set a Time

As a couple, you can set a time to be together. Put it on your calendar and send a reminder text letting your honey know you are spending this special time just with him/her!

2. Set a place

If you are beginners, go to a studio to get the proper instruction, but practice at home together. The bedroom is a great place to do yoga.  The final pose is savasana after all, and what better way to do this pose than in bed!

3. Set an Intention

Meditation is a big part of your yoga practice and setting an intention lays the groundwork for a deeper, more concentrated practice.  Establishing a mutual intention with your partner creates a shared goal and lasting bond.

What poses should you do as a couple? The field is wide open if you are an experienced yogi and using each other as a "prop" allows for deeper stretching. However, unless you are a trained professional, I wouldn't recommend hands on assists or over stretching. Also it important to refrain from giving "advice" to your partner during yoga, which could lead to physical injury and discord within the relationship. Start by developing a mutual breathing pattern and choosing a set of poses that you know. Always start with a warmup and end with your final resting pose. In yoga, as with most things, quality is always more important than quantity.

You will find as you progress through your shared yoga practice, a greater appreciation for the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits will follow. This can lead to a more fulfilling, intimate relationship. Yoga is good for one; fantastic for two! Give it a try today!