Voted BEST meditation/yoga instructor for the 2nd year!

“Anita is a wonderful yoga instructor. She guides the class with fluidity and creates a very calm, relaxed environment. I really like how the class blends hatha yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation. I leave feeling de-stressed and refreshed.”  Jessica Johnson

I loved coming to classes with Anita. I learned a lot of techniques I found very helpful in managing chronic pain and stress/anxiety. Anita was tremendous. Bonnie Isakson-Grey

She was timely, organized, calm, kind, capable, and versatile. She responded gently to the differing needs of our diverse group and led us skillfully with easy directions thru multiple poses and some breath work. On a recent day, we found ourselves in need of a yoga teacher and despite her own unavailability, Anita found a teacher for us! She is generous in so many ways with her words and time, we would be blessed to hire her again. Thank you Anita! Tracy, Wash, DC

Anita is an accomplished Yoga instructor and Author. I feel honored to work with her. Cera M.

She is a wonderful instructor and a wonderful person!! I look forward to her class each week!! Her book is awesome and easy to follow!!! I would recommend her to everyone I know!!! Sharon

My first Yoga session with Anita was wonderful. She is a kind and thorough instructor. Explaining easily the poses and has the ability to bring you to a place of calm and strength. Christine

She began class on time and the space is relaxing and intimate.Very talented teacher. Extremely knowledgable in her practice. Anita makes you feel relaxed and comfortable right away, as if you have been in her class forever. I have been taking different types of yoga classes for many years and Anita's class put me in a more relaxed state than I have been in in a long time, yet my body felt like I had a major workout! Truly amazing! She has quite a gift. Everyone should try her class at least once! Jennifer C.

You inspire me so much, Anita! We need to take time out for our spirit. I am so grateful that you have made Yoga accessible to so many people. It truly is a wonderful practice, and I am glad to say that I do Yoga every day. Cle B.

You are incredibly dedicated to Yoga and are (obviously) an excellent teacher!  Mary P.

I can't wait to read the book! The content is understandable and engaging. I can practice yoga at my own pace. Anita is good and sincere about yoga. Judy H.

Amazing session last night! I loved the Yoga on the Wall, Anita! It is a great addition to an already great yoga class. The session last night felt very relaxing and helped relieve a lot of the muscle tension in my whole body. Judy

First night (ever) of yoga last night with Anita. It was great! I think I could get used to this. Thanks Anita!  Debbie C.

Anita is a great teacher! Sarah C.

If anyone in the Lunenburg area is looking for a great Yoga class (without breaking the bank too!), check out Anita's Facebook page at YogaAnita ! She teaches on Mondays and Wednesdays in Leominster. Here's a sample of what we get every week ~ She teaches us a new pose, and reminds us in a weekly email what we are to practice and our meditative thought for the week! Thanks, Anita!   Karen B.

"Anita brings a personal enthusiasm that generates excitement to bring more and more people into her circle of clients. She is focused, patient, understanding and very organized. She is aware of the needs of individual clients and recommends the appropriate levels of involvement to achieve the best results for each client. I would highly recommend working with Anita."  Debbie P.

Still not sure if yoga is for you?  Watch Why Yoga?