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Practicing Kindness

Peace in yoga

Kindness towards yourself and others is not an easy thing to do. Reflecting on your use of time, how often does kindness figure in? Can you go just a few minutes without letting negative thoughts come through? As a teacher in an elementary school and as a yogi, I hope to model kindness in my everyday actions, yet I realize that there are some days when it is a struggle, when it is easy and convenient to deflect blame or wallow in negative thoughts.

A few weeks ago my mother passed away. In that time I have been the recipient of so many kind acts that it humbles me.  I'd like to acknowledge some:

  • Nashoba Valley Hospital in Ayer which supplied coffee and snacks while we were sitting with my mom.
  • Kelleye, the nurse on duty, who explained the end of life process to us, checked in without being obtrusive, and stayed passed her shift to give my dad a hug.
  • The neighbors and relatives who brought food, sent cards, and sat with us
  • Other neighbors and friends who went to visit and sit with my dad after everyone went back home to their lives
  • The people I work with who came to the wake, sent me messages and cards, and Jeff who baked delicious bread when I returned to work
  • Other people who know me from my yoga practice, blog, and facebook, who sent words of encouragement

Thank you for your kindness. Kindness received becomes kindness given. Perhaps in the aftermath of this election, our leaders can practice that as well.