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Olympic Lessons for the Rest of Us

olympic rings

Discipline. Dedication. Determination. These are the three descriptors that comes to my mind when I think Olympic athlete. What we see is only a small snapshot of their sport; we don't see the tears, the disappointments, the missed social opportunities, and the sacrifices of their families and friends. What we see is a fleeting glimpse, oftentimes just a few seconds, of what it takes to be an Olympian. Sometimes it's triumphant; sometimes it's not.

I watched in awe the achievements of these men and women. For a few weeks, Simone, Ally, Michael, David, and many others became part of my family. I can't help but reflect on how these athletes overcame the physical and mental challenges of their sports. I can't imagine what pressure they were under with the whole world witnessing. I can't help but wonder in what direction their lives will turn now that the flame has gone out.

How can the common person, you and I, honor our Olympians? Use the achievements of these Olympics to define what and who you want to be. Change something that needs changing. Take a leap with no regrets. Release the past and create a new future. Take just one challenge and overcome it with the same inspiring, goal setting, work ethic. Redefine what we see as an obstacle and reinvent it into a goal. Whether it is career, family, relationships, and yes, your yoga practice, all of us can use the Olympics as a model.  I challenge you to challenge yourself.