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Doormat vs Welcome Mat?

Are you a door mat or are you a welcome mat?

I was watching Jeopardy the other night and I don't even know what the category was, but the contestant's response was, "What is a welcome mat?" Alex's response was  "Correct! Welcome mat or door mat are both acceptable responses." I thoroughly disagree. There is a difference between people being a door mat or a welcome mat.

There is a difference between people being a door mat or a welcome mat. Which are you? Click To Tweet

If you tend to be a door mat, than you are unhappy when perceive a job is beneath you. You grumble and gripe when the extra project gets dumped on your desk, when there is a need for extra coverage and you are "volunteered", when there is a family crisis and you reluctantly step up to the plate. Everything to you is a crisis and crazy, and you just don't understand why everyone can't see how mistreated you are.

If you tend to be a welcome mat, then you gladly take on a new project and work the extra hours. You ask for extra responsibilities, listen and learn. You are enthusiastic and humble. You offer suggestions rather than demands, you are respectful rather than condescending, and open to whatever changes might happen.

As I watch another year of graduations take place, I wonder how many of these new grads will be door mats and how many will be welcome mats? Which are you?

Yoga Helps Replace That 4 Letter Word

Intriguing title, why did you click it? And what four letter word I am talking about?

The four letter word is FEAR.

FEAR keeps us from achieving our goals. FEAR paralyzes us and keeps us up at night. FEAR keeps us stuck in unhealthy jobs and relationships. FEAR leads us to hibernate and wallow, perpetuating even more FEAR, resentment, anger.

What can you do about it?

Replace FEAR with YOGA. Yoga helps to calm your mind. Yoga will help to keep you centered. Yoga will help you realize your self worth. Yoga will help you to set an intention. Yoga will help to get you un-stuck and take positive action. When you learn to tap into your inner wisdom through yoga, you will be able to see a whole myriad of possibilities.

Do you need help? This week I am so excited to be part of the Life Beyond Limitations Free Online Summit with Dr. Molly Casey – starts April 11th, 2017. I will be discussing how to overcome obstacles and live life beyond limitations! Claim Your Spot Now by clicking here. I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams and goals through yoga!


YogaAnita is Moving

Dear Friends,

Sadly, we have to say good bye to our Leominster location. Thankfully I was able to reserve additional space for classes at the Dragonfly Wellness Center on Devens. For those of you who have already been there, you know what a truly beautiful space this is and for those of you who haven't been there yet, you are in for a treat! And along with the space, wellness services, and other fitness modalities, comes the Natural Health Cafe, where we can relax after yoga with a tasty treat and beverage. I am grateful to Anne at Dragonfly for making room for us to add another class there, but mostly I am thankful to all of you who will join me on a journey to another new location. Initially, I will offer two classes there: Monday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am. The first class will be January 7, 2017. You may prepay online or in person and use your credit/debit card too. Many thanks for your comments and patience.

For those of you not joining us in our new location, I wish you well and hope that you will continue your yoga practice. It has been an honor to serve you.



Fitness Motivation Tips for 2017

Here's my contribution:
Author and Blogger

What are my 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017?

Accept Change

Acknowledge and accept change-change in your body, change in your relationships, change in your career. Know that you have the power within to become a better you.

Find Your Goals

Set an intention to be healthier. Once you set an intention and send it out into the universe, you have set the ball the rolling. Follow through by making a plan for your eating and movement.

Be Positive

Surround yourself with positivity, cut out the negativity. Sometimes we hold on because it is convenient but not in our best interest. Keep what serves you and your goals, discard the rest.

Please read 99 more tips here. Thanks to Cathy Scarlett @ garagegymplanner.com for compiling!

Practicing Kindness

Peace in yoga

Kindness towards yourself and others is not an easy thing to do. Reflecting on your use of time, how often does kindness figure in? Can you go just a few minutes without letting negative thoughts come through? As a teacher in an elementary school and as a yogi, I hope to model kindness in my everyday actions, yet I realize that there are some days when it is a struggle, when it is easy and convenient to deflect blame or wallow in negative thoughts.

A few weeks ago my mother passed away. In that time I have been the recipient of so many kind acts that it humbles me.  I'd like to acknowledge some:

  • Nashoba Valley Hospital in Ayer which supplied coffee and snacks while we were sitting with my mom.
  • Kelleye, the nurse on duty, who explained the end of life process to us, checked in without being obtrusive, and stayed passed her shift to give my dad a hug.
  • The neighbors and relatives who brought food, sent cards, and sat with us
  • Other neighbors and friends who went to visit and sit with my dad after everyone went back home to their lives
  • The people I work with who came to the wake, sent me messages and cards, and Jeff who baked delicious bread when I returned to work
  • Other people who know me from my yoga practice, blog, and facebook, who sent words of encouragement

Thank you for your kindness. Kindness received becomes kindness given. Perhaps in the aftermath of this election, our leaders can practice that as well.


Preparing For (A) Fall in Yoga

changeYesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.– Rumi


It is now officially Fall when we prepare our homes and ourselves for the winter months ahead. How can yoga help? As yogis, we know how yoga can help us physically, mentally and spiritually (see Discover Yoga). As we dive deeper into our practice, we invite ourselves to change with it. Sometimes, these changes are not what we expect. Often times, being open to change can also lead us down the path of pain, disappointment, and rejection. It far more comfortable shut ourselves away from people and situations outside our comfort zone, staying in our little hobbit holes of complacency. Yet when you are stagnant in one place, negative feelings will eventually percolate and bubble over. How long can you be ignored, marginalized, and taken advantage of before you become bitter, depressed, and robotic? I always tell my students who are new to yoga that the hardest poses they will do is centering at the beginning of class and savasana at the end because in these poses you are forced to be quiet and to look within.

So how can yoga prepare you for what lies ahead?

First, it is helpful to know that you are not alone. In this age of social media, there is always someone or some group out there who you can connect with (in a safe way of course). Isn't it true that being anonymous is so much more freeing than being face to face? Just remember to use common sense when posting, getting and listening to advice.

Second, change isn't all bad. You can always take "baby steps" if the change is within your control, go with your gut, and don't second guess yourself. You are your best teacher.

Finally, yoga is made to help you navigate changes. Listen to your breath, listen to your body, follow your heart. Be open to the changes within. Let yoga be your guide.







Olympic Lessons for the Rest of Us

olympic rings

Discipline. Dedication. Determination. These are the three descriptors that comes to my mind when I think Olympic athlete. What we see is only a small snapshot of their sport; we don't see the tears, the disappointments, the missed social opportunities, and the sacrifices of their families and friends. What we see is a fleeting glimpse, oftentimes just a few seconds, of what it takes to be an Olympian. Sometimes it's triumphant; sometimes it's not.

I watched in awe the achievements of these men and women. For a few weeks, Simone, Ally, Michael, David, and many others became part of my family. I can't help but reflect on how these athletes overcame the physical and mental challenges of their sports. I can't imagine what pressure they were under with the whole world witnessing. I can't help but wonder in what direction their lives will turn now that the flame has gone out.

How can the common person, you and I, honor our Olympians? Use the achievements of these Olympics to define what and who you want to be. Change something that needs changing. Take a leap with no regrets. Release the past and create a new future. Take just one challenge and overcome it with the same inspiring, goal setting, work ethic. Redefine what we see as an obstacle and reinvent it into a goal. Whether it is career, family, relationships, and yes, your yoga practice, all of us can use the Olympics as a model.  I challenge you to challenge yourself.


Yoga Mat Reviews

Need a new yoga mat? Here is a post that gives you all the pros and cons, ratings, and everything you need to know when you make this purchase. Thanks to Review.com for sharing this with us!


Have You Lost Your Holiday Joy?


It is that time of year again when we are bombarded with ads, music, movies, and TV specials all guaranteed to make us joyful, happy, and part of the holiday season. In between the ultimate gift guides, retail sales, and all types of food and home preparation, is the underlying belief that this holiday will be the BEST EVER (marketers capitals, not mine) if only this or that item is added to your life, shopping cart and credit card.

But there are many among us who do not welcome the holiday hoopla and in fact become more depressed and stressed the more they think about it. Perhaps it's because their loved ones are no longer part of the celebration or perhaps they have health or financial considerations. For many, this season is more dreadful than joyful.

Have you lost your holiday joy? These tips might help:

1. Acknowledge

Don't try to hide it. If the holidays are not for you, acknowledge it. Don't apologize for how you feel.

2. Give yourself Permission to say No

Say no to parties you don't want to attend. Say no to cooking up a massive feast. Say no to decorating. Say no to shopping and overspending.

3. Gift Yourself First

Give yourself the gift of time if you are grieving. Give yourself the gift of quiet if you are stressed. When people ask, "Is there anything I can do?", throw away your pride and accept their help.

4. Look Beyond Yourself

There are so many opportunities to give of your time, talent, and treasure. Helping others helps ourselves.

5. Let the Joy Come to You

Every day think about one thing that makes you smile. For me, it's my dog, teaching yoga, my morning coffee, and my cozy bed at night. Perhaps when you are ready and willing, the joy might return.

Let the light that's within you shine forth from your mind, through your words, and from your heart. Namaste.

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